The Go Indie TV Broadcasting Network Mission

Our mission is to bring the world of underground independent film and television programming to the international arena.

So what is our mission at Go Indie TV?

* The Go Indie TV Guest selects and shows a preference for a particular genre, we like to call Indie Programming.
* The Guest's enthusiasm grows through the desire to watch Go Indie TV programming choices
* Our Guest are moved to choose Go Indie TV based on the ease of our site navigation tools and programming rotations.
* Our Guest are inspired to support our uprising Independent Artists.

Go Indie TV understands our guest and how busy their lifestyle is. We at Go Indie TV have been combing the cyber space planet to acquire the best programming that is out there!  No one can just upload anything on our cyber channel! The creators are picked by our staff of edgy, beatnik, underground indie freaks. We are not going to waste your time by allowing just anyone to upload anything and then you have to sort through to find a professional, entertaining, high production value programming. We also realize your time is valuable therefore, we will entertain you within a matter of minutes, as majority of our programming online is under 30 minutes.
If you are an Artist and you are interested in submitting a video then please click on the ARTIST THUMBNAIL in the mid section of the home page.  If you have any questions please contact Cami at cami@goindie.tv

In addition to providing outstanding contemporary films, documentaries and animated programming in both long form and short form, Go Indie TV Classics offers our viewers a selection of many classic films from Hollywood's Golden Era as well as may of your favorite television and radio shows circa 1920-1970. What does the future hold? Go Indie TV will be providing more current and popular programming that people love to watch!  Watch over 200 Classic shows on Go Indie TV Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Go Indie TV offers online state of the art HD streaming entertainment via our partnership with ROKU in the USA, England, and Canada. Go Indie TV is also available on  Amazon Fire TV, and will soon be on Apple TV for your viewing pleasure. From IPad to Kindle, and to all Smart TV sets, we are streaming indie movie theater for viewers on the go and for viewers who do not want to spend endless surfing hours looking for the diamond in the ruff.

Meet the Team:

Gregg Cannizzaro
Chief Executive Officer/ Co-Founder

Born and raised in NYC, Gregg has a hand in all areas of entertainment including film, television and internet streaming video entertainment. Gregg was the producer/sketch comedy director for E! Entertainment Television's Emmy-Award winning hit series "Talk Soup", one of the longest running shows on the network to date. Gregg Cannizzaro's Profile on LinkedIn

Paula Schwartz- Cannizzaro
: President/ Co-Founder

Paula started her career at E! Entertainment Television developing and producing E!'s Original Specials, where she wrote and produced a variety of the network's one-hour specials before she was asked to launch the daily series "Celebrity Homes". Her work as Producer/Writer of the hit daily series earned her and the show an Emmy Nomination. Paula Schwartz Cannizzaro's Profile on LinkedIn

Cami CiottaCOO/ Co-Founder/ Online Television Development

Cami oversees strategic planning of our internet streaming entertainment. In addition, Cami is in charge of all show programming that airs on our network. Her uncanny sense for finding cutting-edge producers and directors of cyber programs has solidified her in the streaming entertainment world to guru-like status. Her wide range of web skills, including producing, programming, development and forum management can be seen in her list of impressive independent film clients: Prey Pictures, Owen Miller, "The Roaming", "Vessel" and McDermott Productions. Cami Ciotta's profile on LinkedIn

    David Giraudy:  HSM  Marketing Specialist 

David Giraudy is a dynamic find for GITV!  We are in the business of indie niche programming, which we take pride in finding by searching for the diamonds in the rough, and we do the same in building our GITV team.  We have found that diamond with David. He has an “out of the box” approach to social media and marketing, who operates with “no regard” to traditional corporate approaches to social media. He is forward thinking and here at Go Indie TV we are on the same page. We believe that the visionaries in indie corporate, films, TV & anime walk this planet hoping to be at the very least “appreciated” and not looked upon as fools, dreamers, etc. Here at GITV they are superstars & we promote the “non-traditional approach!” David is a perfect fit. He is a “game changer, not only for GITV but also for today’s Social Media.
   As our HSM he will be overseeing the creation, management & development of the Go Indie TV LLC Social Media Strategy & Social Media campaign.  He will be working closely with Gregg Cannizzaro (CEO/ Co-Founder) to develop “proprietary and trademarked “new matrix” for the advancement of low budget upstart indie companies/producers/film makers/ directors/writers/actors.
Contact info@goindietv.com (attention David)